Concave convex mirror activity

Explore fun house mirrors in this fun handson stem activity. Ray diagrams are drawn for each situation once the image is correctly located. Concave and convex maintain their status as adjectives when used in this context. Move the point named focus to change the focal length. How you appear in a concave mirror depends on how close you are to it. Could you get a real image at any distance of the object from the convex mirror.

Procedure in this exercise and all through your work in optics, represent the actual path of all rays of light. Snc 2d light and geometric optics convex mirrors extra practice worksheet a draw a ray diagram for each to locate the image. Worksheets are grade 8 science ray diagrams for concave mirrors the, grade 8 optics objectives and activities, physics, 1 1 1 h d i i in every problem draw a ray i o f h d o o, light reflection refraction, grade 8 science unit 2 optics, ray diagrams, diverging converging lens work. Light converges at a point when it strikes and reflects back from the reflecting surface of the concave mirror.

The cartesian sign convention is used here using a ray parallel to the principal axis and one incident upon the center of the mirror, the position of the image can be constructed by backprojecting the rays which reflect from the mirror. Shop security mirrors shopkeepers install convex mirrors at different places on their shop this help them keep track of thieves and shoplifters since these mirrors give wide field of view, a large portion of shop can be seen with the help of a single mirror use of concave mirrors we saw that, image formed by concave mirrors is. Most curved mirrors have surfaces that are shaped like part of a sphere, but other shapes are sometimes used in optical devices. Repeat the above now with a convex mirror in place of a concave mirror. In this lesson, learn about the types of images that can be formed by a convex mirror and some of the uses of convex mirrors. In this lesson, we will explore how to determine where images are in plane, convex and concave. Ncert class 10 science lab manual focal length of concave. Scholars experiment with real and virtual images before reading a handout and completing homework questions. See dpsm activities mirror writing and satellites and. Centre of curvature c centre of sphere from which the mirror is made.

Concave and convex mirrors lab part 1 find the focal. Concave mirrors used in torch lights and reflecting telescopes etc. Then students will compare different mirror surfaces as convex or concave. Show its path by placing three or more dots on the paper, as you did in the previous activity. Difference between convex and concave mirror with comparison. Since the focal point is located behind the convex mirror, such a mirror. Mirrors that curve or bulge outward are called convex mirrors. Simulation of image formation in concave and convex lenses. A mirror that bulges outwards is called a convex mirror. Various concave and convex mirrors, a flat mirror, white a4 sized cardboard screen.

Oct 04, 2017 11 questions to test on basic understanding of images formed in convex and concave mirrors. Shimmering lenses in this activity, learners use jello to explore lenses. Explore more about concave mirror ray diagram, convex mirror ray diagram and much more at. When parallel rays could be from a distant object incident on a concave mirror, the reflected rays converge to a focal point f, hence also called converging mirror. Concave and convex mirrors lab part 1 find the focal length of your concave mirror 0. Builtin scorekeeping makes this a stimulating classroom activity. How you appear in a concave mirror depends on how close you are. Activity 5 curved mirrors goals in this activity you will. To construct ray diagrams for any given object location in front of a concave or convex mirror in order to determine the image location, relative size and orientation of the image. Concave and convex lenses worksheet free printables worksheet. The concave side is frontsurface perfect for a physics unit on light and reflection.

Applications and uses of concave and convex mirrors teachoo. In this article, we will learn about image formation by concave and convex mirrors. In this activity you will look at only two kinds of lenses, convex and concave, and observe their similarities and differences. Concave and convex mirrors simulation juanys science blog. Determination of focal length of concave mirror and convex. This compact and easily stored mirror is convex on one side and concave on the other. Unlike convex mirrors, concave mirrors show different image types depending on the distance between the object and the mirror. How to use spoon as convex and concave mirror science experiment duration. Concave mirrors presentation for 9th 12th grade lesson. It explains about properties of different types of mir. Convex mirrors are outwardly curved mirrors that are shaped like the back side of a spoon. A lens is a piece of transparent material typically with at least one curved surface, which refracts, or bends, light rays coming from an object. Displaying all worksheets related to concave and convex mirror grade 8. On the contrary, concave mirrors are used in torches and vehicle headlights.

Concave and convex mirrors worksheet teaching resources. The mirror has a focal point f that is located along the principal axis, midway between the mirror s surface and the center of curvature. Convex mirrors makes the light rays focus together. Spherical mirror a mirror with a surface that is either concave or convex. This is similar to what is happening with the reflected light rays. Observe real and virtual images in a concave mirror. Convex mirrors are used as rearview mirrors in cars, to enable the driver to see the traffic behind him. The surface may be either convex bulging outward or concave recessed inward. Recollect that in an activity the image formed by a plane mirror could not be obtained on a. A ray incident obliquely to the principal axis, towards a point p pole of the mirror, on the concave mirror or a convex mirror, is reflected obliquely. The concave mirror is a converging mirror, so that it is used for many purposes, it is used as a torch to reflect the light, it is used in the aircraft landing at the airports to guide the aeroplanes, it is used in shaving to get an enlarged and erect image of the face.

An object placed closer to the concave mirror than the focal point always. Principal axis straight line joining the pole to the centre of curvature. Image formation in concave mirrors while drawing images of the object we benefits from the special rays given above. Displaying all worksheets related to concave and convex mirror. The most common types of mirrors are flat, concave and convex. Image formed by a plane mirror, image of an extended object, image of a distant object, paraxial rays, focal length. They determine if images are real or virtual, if they are upright or inverted, the focal length of the. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category concave and convex mirror. Curved mirrors are all around us in stores, telescopes and even in rear view mirrors. The bouncing back of light on hitting any mediumsurface is called reflection of light.

See more ideas about teaching science, science activities and science lessons. This simulation is the laws of reflection using concave and convex mirrors. Images that are on the outside of the mirror are inverted or upside down. Spherical mirrors are of two types concave and convex.

Physics practical class 10 introduction light shows the property of reflection and refraction. Detailed instructions and the science behind the activity can be found in. To state the general rules of reflection of light off concave and convex mirror and. Concave mirrors reflect light inward to one focal point. Concave mirror demonstration moving through the focal point. These rules represent slight revisions of the two rules given for concave mirrors. Let us investigate if it is also true for the image formed by a concave mirror. Set up equipment in accordance with teacher example and figure 2 your mirror meter stick assembly will be on one side of the room and the light source will be on the other. This activity helps students learn and understand the bend in a convex mirror distorts the view of the image being looked at. Concave vs convex mirrors displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept some of the worksheets for this concept are physical science 2014 2015 concave and convex mirrors, diverging converging lens work, reflection and image formation by mirrors, physics 202 section 2g work 11 lenses, light reflection refraction, exploration of optics converging and diverging. Physics revision site recommended to teachers as a resource by aqa, ocr and edexcel examination boards also recommended by bbc bytesize winner of the iop web awards 2010 cyberphysics a physics revision aide for students at ks3 sats, ks4 gcse and ks5 a and as level. In this activity you will use the opposite sides of a shiny spoon to compare the images produced by concave and convex mirrors.

Jun 16, 2018 the video in english explains about different types of mirror i. Note that the center of curvature and the focal point are located on the side of the mirror opposite the object behind the mirror. In this spherical mirrors worksheet, students answer 14 questions about convex and concave mirrors and the images formed in each. Convex mirrors reflect light outwards, therefore they are not used to. If the reflecting surface is convex, then it is a convex mirror. Oct 03, 2019 some of the worksheets below are curved mirrors worksheet, uses of curved mirrors, the difference between a concave and convex mirror, diagrams for convex mirrors. Concave and convex mirror grade 8 worksheets lesson. Concave mirror if a hollow sphere is cut into parts and the outer surface of the cut part is painted. The sign conventions for the given quantities in the mirror equation and magnification equations are as follows. Below is an experiment to determine the focal length of a concave mirror and convex lens. The incident and reflected rays follow the laws of reflection at the point of incidence point p, making equal angles with. Move the tip of the object arrow to move the object. When curved mirrors have a reflecting surface on the outside, they are called convex mirrors.

Learners are presented with an object location for a concave or convex mirror and must decide the location, orientation, and relative size of the corresponding image. Measure and graph image distance versus object distance for a convex mirror. Weve also included two student activities for exploring curved mirror image. Students must then look back and make associations with image formation based upon type of mirror and the location of the object relative to the center of curvature and focal length. For this reason a convex mirror is also known as a diverging mirror. To state the general rules of reflection of light off concave and convex mirror and to draw three sets of principal rays and their corresponding reflected rays for each mirror. There are 4 worksheets dealing with concave and convex mirrors. Place a convex mirror in the light beam, as shown in the diagram.

In other words, a concave mirror is like looking at the inside of a. There are two types of curved mirror convex and concave. For a concave or convex mirror, the normals point inward and outward, respectively. Jul 03, 2017 this activity helps students learn and understand the bend in a convex mirror distorts the view of the image being looked at. A convex mirror diverges the light while a concave mirror converges the beam of light reflecting through it. This exploriments app has five activities that use highly interactive ray diagrams to introduce you to the basic concepts of optics. Note that the reflecting surface of the bell is convex. A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. If these reflected rays are extended behind the mirror by dotted lines, they are seen to meet at a point. The inner surface of a spoon acts like a concave mirror, while its outer surface acts like a convex mirror. Description simulation of image formation in concave and convex mirrors. This worksheet tasks students with predicting and describing image formation off both convex and concave mirrors. Concave and convex mirrors are curved mirrors with the former curving in from the edges and the latter curving out from the edges.

A concave surface curves inward, like the mouth of a cave. Nov 15, 2017 on the contrary, in a concave mirror, the reflecting surface bulges inwards the main difference between a convex and concave mirror lies in the image formed by the two mirrors, i. A reflecting outer surface of a spherical mirror is known as convex mirror whereas a reflecting inner surface of a spherical mirror is known as a concave. Concave and convex lenses can sometimes be used to cancel the effect of the other type of lens.

Ncert class 10 science lab manual focal length of concave mirror and convex lens. A concave mirror can make images that appear to float in the air. The bonus materials include interactive activities, games, wordplay and links that enrich and extend the content in the sciencewiz light book and kit. Discover concave and convex mirrors using a laser light. Learners cut jello into convex and concave lens shapes and examine how light exits.

This activity leads students through a practical investigation to find out what concave and convex mirrors do to light rays. This is a great way to introduce curved mirrors to students, and have them investigate what they do for themselves. This image is showing a convex mirror because the image is choose 2 answers answer choices. This type of mirror gives a wide field of view and is used in security mirrors in stores as well as the side mirror on cars and trucks. Identify the focus and focal length of a curved mirror. Convex mirror a spherical mirror that bulges out at the centre. The image formed by a convex mirror is a virtual image, while concave mirror forms a real or virtual image, depending on the position of the object. When you are ready, test your knowledge and earn your achievement award. Then it becomes a mirror with its inner surface as the reflecting surfacethis kind of mirror is known as a concave mirror. Convex mirrors show things the right way up and usually smaller. Unlike concave mirrors, convex mirrors always produce images that have these characteristics. Included extensions greatly benefit learners, so take advantage of the. Mirror diagrams can be confusing to students, but this foldable and bundled lesson will put all the information in one place and at their fingertips.

Learn about concave mirrors and convex mirrors indepth. Concave mirrors and convex mirrors image formation, ray diagram. Nature of images in a concave mirror by an activity. In case of convex mirror, parallel rays are diverged from the mirror after reflection and appear to come from a virtual focal. Worksheets are physical science 2014 2015 concave and convex mirrors, diverging converging lens work, 1 1 1 h d i i in every problem draw a ray i o f h d o o, ray diagrams for concave mirrors, physics, convex mirrors, ray diagrams, physics 202 section 2g work 11 lenses. Jul 12, 2019 explore fun house mirrors in this fun handson stem activity. Science plane, concave and convex mirrors and reflection. Most devices that control light have one or more lenses in them some use only mirrors, which can do most of the same things that lenses can do. When parallel rays of light strike the mirror, they are reflected so that they spread out or diverge. Some of the worksheets displayed are physical science 2014 2015 concave and convex mirrors, diverging converging lens work, 1 1 1 h d i i in every problem draw a ray i o f h d o o, ray diagrams for concave mirrors, physics, convex mirrors, ray diagrams, physics 202 section 2g work 11 lenses. Concave mirrors are also known as a converging mirror since the rays converge after falling on the concave mirror while the convex mirrors are known as diverging mirrors as the rays diverge after falling on the convex mirror.

Convex mirrors have reflective surfaces that curve outward. Move the point named focus to the right side of the lens to change to a concave lens. Concave mirror a spherical mirror that caves in at the centre. If you have trouble remembering whether a surface is convex or concave, there is an easy way to find out. The worksheets come in two flavors with equations and without. Curved mirrors complete toolkit the physics classroom. Concave and convex mirrors lab part 1 find the focal length. Mcqs on spherical mirrors physics with answers mcq 3 the multiple choice questions related to spherical mirror is given with answers in this article for the reference of students and as well as teachers. The lesson covers plane, convex, and concave spherical mirrors with ray diagrams and characteristics. Concave convex cylindrical mirror is made by metal and it has reflecting surface on both sides.

Concaveconvex mirror convex mirror, concave, science. Move the arrow to the right side of the mirror to get a convex mirror. A concave mirror, or converging mirror, has a reflecting surface that is recessed inward away from the incident light. In this lesson, you will learn about what concave mirrors look like and how they. We know that the image of an object formed by a plane mirror cannot be obtained on a screen. Science experiments with convex mirrors education seattle pi. Try to create parallel beams of light using both lenses. Difference between convex mirror and concave mirror. Concave and convex mirrors a fun investigation teaching.

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