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Curation of software for amateur radio applications. Moving files around an copying the updated patch is a bit of a pain. Considering this software is free it is very good leaving us no room to complain. Net logging software for radio amateurs and other radio operators many radio operators participate in onair meetings called nets. Commander allows you to control your alinco, elecraft, flexradio, icom, jrc, kachina, kenwood, tentec, or yaesu radio from a pc running windows 95, 98, nt, 2000, xp, vista, 7, 8, or 10. In order to help potential customers evaluate this product prior to purchase, the software will run in a demo mode without the hardware, making the demonstration available to all. Ham radio deluxe best logging software for amateur radio. Provide a level of isolation to keep rf out of the computer that could cause problems which might crash or freeze the computer.

How to install the baofeng usb programming cable and software. Ham radio deluxe software the radio amateurs best asset. The available options for the orion mobile radio are covered in table 1. Autotrack music scheduler autotrack is used to generate your stations audio output based on the clocks, rules and categories content. Unfollow dj computer software to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Issue april 2018 free cheat code tracker that includes cheats for 417 pc games, 52 console games and 9 pc walkthroughs. But, if you are a pro, feel free to explore this section of our website. Send kn and cwqso generates the other operators response to you for you to copy. Software defined radio sdr is a radio communication system where components that have been typically implemented in hardware e. Download and manage torrent files with an efficient, lightweight, and customizable application. Ham radio and computer interface in 1980, with the personal computer revolution in its earliest stages, interest was growing in the potential of a ham radio computer. The program should download the frequencies from the radio.

Polar plot by g4hfq a windows program to measure the polar diagram amateur of a rotatable beam antenna, with free trial amateur version. Any memory channel with all its details can be sent to the radio with a simple keystroke. Due to the very high number of users of my software i do not answer any emails or requests related to the software here on my website. Software defined radios as the name implies, these radios are actually a hardware accessory you attach to your personal computer. For example most icom radios label the jack remote, yaesu calls it cat, and kenwood calls it com for rs232 or acc for ttl. This page is currently still under construction in early 2018. To verify the connection, run the chirp programming software. Broadcast your curated playlists to your radio station, even hook up a microphone to talk live to your listeners.

The rig control interface between radio and computer is always a serial data path between a serial port on a computer and a jack on a radio labeled with various tags depending on the manufacturer. Vip software is designed for windows operating systems. Introduction this document is intended to provide insight and understanding on how an icom radio can be connected to a pc running common logging and operating ssb, digital software. Radioboss lets you grab, use and work with your preferred audio formats, winamp and vst plugins, multichannel cards 4. We are offering the latest version as a download see below to purchasers of the arcp2000. The arcp2000 radio control program has been updated to ver. The current release version of ham radio deluxe is v6. Nov 08, 2011 the icom icpcr1500 is a pc controlled wideband receiverall functions of this radio are controllable from your pc or from the optional control head. Now with the help of pcradio you can listen to rock radio, club radio, retro, pop, jazz, classical, childrens, humor, relax, etc. Usually the radio stations stores all advertising campaigns and most of the music in hard disk. Once i figured out how to properly connect my radio to my pc it worked right away.

Yaesu ft897d software recommendations hamradioforum. The idea for rcs and its first product, selector, came to him when he was in charge of computing activity at nbc. Radio stations use a variety of software applications to run their stations. Connectivity is demonstrated to show how communications between the radio and pc can be implemented. Radio frequency icom r8500 the radiofrequency program is a professional software dedicated to all ham, swl and radio listeners. Ham radio and computer interface mother earth news. Our new windows desktop software lets you and your djs broadcast live from your computer or laptop. Ar8200 computer control software ar8200 computer control software jaor is the ultimate in management for the aor 8200 mki, mkii and mkiii radio scanner. Free ham radio satellite tracking software skachatlibertyig. Programs for shortwave listening, software for swl category is a curation of 12 web resources on, rxpsk31, radio frequency icom r8500, easiswl. The small sdr hardware pictured above is an entrylevel unit. Items written by burkhard kainka p 7 elektor magazine.

It is called a software defined radio or sdr for short. Use tone generator to generate sound frequencies and audio test tones for radio audio level alignment. Ham radio software sun country amateur radio society. Update track information like titles, artists, and albums using a builtin id3 tag editor. The logging software simulates someone using a straight key. Winamp is a good audio streaming software solution if you want something tried and tested. When paired with free sdr software running on a pc, it can serve as a beginners ham radio receiver or as a. You can also practice the top 100 words and send qsos to a text file. The rps7900d radio programming software is designed to give you the ease and convenience of programming the memories and set menu options of your radio from your pc. Rt systems has radio programming software for the radio models listed below. Creative services software windows software for amateur radio, marine radio, and other wireless applications including radio control, logging, digital modes, weather fax, and hf fax. You can search radio stations in this freeware by using presets.

This page is aimed mostly at the newcomers to ham radio and aspiring amateur radio operators. Vcradio tm controls several different pc radio tuners. Fm radio player is a simple application that provides access to four romanian radio stations, namely radio zu, radio guerrilla, kiss fm and pro fm. Coupled with the shoutcast dsp plugin, you can take your shows online. Here are 28 best free internet radio player software. September 1, 2010 by burkhard kainka digital multieffects unit. It is intended to be highly generic presenting the user to the same graphical user interface regardless of which radio is being controlled. Great support at ham radio deluxe for an excellent product time owned. Amateur radio \ software wiresx pc software update information ver.

Chirp is a free, opensource tool for programming your amateur radio. Computers are practically perfect just the way they are, but you can customize your computer to be the best it can be for your personal needs. In this case the list of radio stations in the playlist is updated. A builtin timer and recorder allow archiving of radio broadcasts, similar to a vcr. Take a guided tour from the programs author, introducing vcradios many cool features, with several screenshots. A sdr receiver can be as simple as this rtlbased sdr. The amateur radio linear transponder ssbcw on the russian dosaaf85 rs44 has been activated. The five modules in the suite provide rig control, logging, digital. You dont have to buy an expensive sound processor hardware, this software changes your computer to a. Apr 24, 2019 connect the jumper cable from the speaker outheadphone jack on your pc sound card to the audio input on the transmitter.

Take the audio output from the computer and run it into the audio input of the rig so your transceiver can transmit the audio tones generated by the digital software on the computer. Dmitry pashkov, r4uab, explains that rs85 is a small scientific satellite built by specialists at information satellite systems and students at siberian state aerospace university sibsau. Hams use mrp40 to send and read qrq highspeed cw, to help. Rcs, originally radio computing services, is a provider of scheduling and broadcast software for radio, internet and television stations history. From ham radio clubs or groups of friends who want to stay in touch to emergency response and weather spotting teams practicing for emergency communications, on simplex frequencies and repeaters, both planned and spontaneous, there are onair meetings going on. For easier initial frequency programming, copy and paste, and importing frequency files from previous radios you may want to consider using the chirp programming software found above. Home forums technical forums amateur radio software best free ham radio software. Some software is free other are available for a price, i have both here at ve3wdm. Whether it is live assisted programming or automated output, the job of your scheduling system is to ensure the right content is played at the right time, and that the content played obeys the rules you have set up for your station. Vcradio control program for pc fm radio tuners sagebrush. Most police scanners today are computer programmable except for the most basic, lowend models. Each programmer is unique to a specific radio and is not compatible between radio models.

Police scanner software allows you to program your scanner radio from your computer for pcs only, sorry, no mac software is available. When you first run the software product you will be asked to register your computer using your account credentials an internet connection will be required. Automate config backups so you can quickly roll back a blown configuration or provision a replacement device. Radio optimizer is the must have all in one software for broadcasters and producers. If damage has occurred to the equipment during shipment, file a claim with the carrier immediately. Solarwinds network configuration manager helps maintain uptodate inventory of your network devices. You stand a good chance of finding something useful. Dxzone amateur radio software an exhaustive directory of amateur radio software.

Network configuration manager ncm is designed to deliver powerful network configuration and compliance management. Rig control computer what you see above is two computers, with 6 monitors that control my icom radios. So far i have played with ham radio deluxe and trxmanager but there is so much out there i would be grateful for real life experiences of using these and other packages. If youre just starting your internet radio station, are in a trial period, or just want to get up and running in a couple of minutes then these are the best radio broadcasting software solutions for you. Ham radio deluxe best logging software for amateur radio operators qso logging with control for ham radios, dx cluster, operating awards. Find software for every need on ebay, and with new deals added daily, youre bound to find just the right software suite for your needs. Discussion in amateur radio software started by aj2i, dec 19, 2016. Ferry worked with my system, found the problem, and ascertained it was a bug in the software. Its easy to set up and you can play music on any application such as spotify or itunes. Best audio streaming software for your radio station. In this regard, channels are interactive, which means that any track from the base provided on the website, can be ordered on the air. Its ideal if you handle lots of tracks and shows as it comes with an advanced library management system. Ham radio deluxe software radio amateurs best asset.

For transmitting cw, the program encodes keystrokes from the computer s keyboard. Load your favorite playlist into a media player software and click play. With this said let me put my two cents in on my experience with software for our hobby. The decoded text is displayed on the computer s monitor. I just finished a team viewer session with ferry pd9fer at hrd. Users can connect their ham radio transceivers to their pc sound card and use the computer software to search for available repeater stations across the world source. Qradiopredict is an experimental software for vhfuhf propagation prediction and radio coverage analysis. Several amateur radio fans have developed special software that helps connect home radio transceivers to the internet. Mac osx and linux users are recommended to use a virtual machine to run the vip windows programming software.

Its free to use and works with windows, mac, linux, and ubuntu systems. Our new windows desktop software lets you and your djs broadcast live from your computer. Some software may be included in multiple sections e. The program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing amateur radios communications capabilities. Ham radio and computer interface in 1980, with the personal computer revolution in its earliest stages, interest was growing in the potential of a ham radio computer interface. There seems to be some myths about both the free software and the software for a price. These let you play live internet radio from multiple internet radio stations around the world easily. Mrp40 is a powerful and highlyeffective ham radio software program that decodes received cw audio that has been fed to a computer s sound card. All these internet radio player software are completely free and can be downloaded to windows pc. If you are a vendor and want to have your radio supported by chirp, please see informationforvendors. Orion mobile radio unit microphone d2mc3z speaker d2ls1h. Vk5vkas links to computer software for hf shortwave. Scanner software is also available for many communications receivers as well. Currently it works on linux and windows 32 bit vista tested.

Big corporately owned stations use audio automation systems to reduce their pa. The versatile elektor dsp radio is supremely suited to answer these questions especially with this new pc based scanning software. When you run this software for the first time, you must enter the license number cd key which comes with the arcp2000 retail package. Protect the identity of callers wanting anonymity using voxal for real time voice disguising. I have bought an ft897d and i am looking for recommendations about computer control software for it. Choose the com port number for the usb cable, the vendor baofeng and the model of the radio such as the uv5r from the drop down lists in the popup box.

Echolink software allows licensed amateur radio stations to communicate with one another over the internet, using streamingaudio technology. Grig is a simple ham radio control cat program based on the ham radio control libraries hamlib. Logbook also known as hrdlog is a powerful ham radio logging software program within ham radio deluxe. With this operating system, a person may tune shortwave broadcasts, amateur radio, aeronautical, maritime, or other signals received at remote servers around the world.

I offer six software packages available here for download. Wizard track the ncdxf beacons and sets your pc clock to world standards. Ham radio software has, for many of us, become a new hobby within our amateur radio hobby. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats. It would seem that software and ham radio can get along very well and there is an abundance of software out there to choose from. Hackrf one from great scott gadgets is a software defined radio peripheral capable of transmission or reception of radio signals from 1 mhz to 6 ghz. The atm18 radio computer using the si4735 dsp radio chip with increasingly sophisticated technology all the processes such as am and fm demodulation, stereo decoding and rds information recovery can be performed by highlyintegrated specialised chips. Some excellent answers have been given already, but let me throw in my 2 cents. Wcs radio net logger software walker consulting solutions.

It is both a complete dx operations center, as well as a fantastic general purpose log book. Bandscope psk31 binary demo using ham radio deluxe dm780 software flex1500 using ham radio deluxe and jt65hf n7jfp how to setup and use the pskreporter in ham. Designed to enable test and development of modern and next generation radio technologies, hackrf one is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a usb peripheral or programmed for standalone operation. To retrieve your new key, visit the following website to check for your replacement key. Skywave linux is a 64 bit live system providing installed and configured software for accessing software defined radio servers locally and on the internet.

Ham radio deluxe hrd is an integrated suite of software products for amateur radio. Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers. Carefully unpack the radio and identify each item in the shipping container as listed below. Software ac6vs amateur radio and dx reference guide. Create sophisticated professional playlists with crossfade support, automatic volume leveling, timed announcements, block rotations, advertising volume. Screamer radio is a free software for listening to internet radio. Edit, trim and add effects to audio files to save for sound bytes or podcasts with wavepad audio editing software. Software amateur radio ham logging download control. I am returning to the airwaves after being qrt for about twenty years. You can send cw via the mouse buttons or an attached paddle, the cw you send is displayed on cwqso. Most have multiplatform controllers and give you performance and flexibility you simply cant get out of a comparably priced portable or tabletop radio. The ham radio receiver of the 21st century is mostly software. I also enjoy the digital modes of amateur radio as well as the good ole cw mode. It is a bit funny when a person says their new computer has no serial ports.

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